Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bond. James Bond.

Check out this spot from KMAX in Sacramento. They do wildly creative work here!

Here's what the producer says about the promo:

News promo for Good Day Sacramento's Mark S. Allen. Shot this in about 3 hours... and edited it the following day. Decided to go a little bigger on this one and have some fun with it!

You can also see a higher quality version here:

and do yourself a favor and check out his other work:


Anonymous said...

great promo!!!

I can't wait to watch from 4:30am - 10am to see the 2 minute story...

Paul said...

3 hours to shoot??? wow.

Where do you get all that wonderful crap to break???

Please tell me he doesn't have to cut topicals all day long as well... if that's the case I'm giving up, and sending my resume to the nearest walmart... No one can stock shelves like this guy :)

Goonie said...

I swear -- started the shoot at 10:40 and was at lunch by 2pm. 3 locations (Bar, Station & A remote rocky area), The edit was the thing that took a while -- all day Tuesday. I do mostly image and special promos -- not just daily topicals. Obviously, this promo is more image than story. (Though I do a few of those as well) I'm just lucky to have talent that's game, co-workers that rock (Paul!), and a boss willing to let me play sometimes.

Oh, and they'll air the story at least 2-3 times during the show that day -- so you can multiply that 2-minute story x3. ;)