Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Going HD Last in the Market

Here's an interesting set of promos from WCAU in Philly.

Last to go HD in the market -- they tackled the problem head on. Clean, simple, to the point.

Also note the "We Saved the Best for Last" line.


Vic DiGital said...

This is almost as exciting as the spots they did fifteen years ago trumpeting their transition into color.

Anonymous said...

big LOL on the comment from Vic DiGital. It's embarrassing now for stations to just be getting to HD. Consumers/viewers demand better picture quality! Just in time for the '09 switch.

Chris said...

ugh, wcau... the inside edition of local tv news.

Anonymous said...

In market 15 we won't have HD until after the switch.

Probably 2012 at this rate.