Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wednesday Sweeps Strategy

Nielsen allows you to throw out newscasts on Wednesday -- will your station?

With so many people beginning their Thanksgiving holidays -- it may be wise to have it not included in your averages - but its still a gamble. The station has to make the decision before the numbers come out, which means if your ratings could have helped you -- you're screwed.

For ABC stations -- they will have a Barbara Walters special featuring her brand new interview with the Obamas. That could draw a huge number and lead nicely into the late news.

What's everyone doing?


Evil Monkey said...

We'll probably pick and choose our newscasts to keep in. We have meters, so we'll be able to see how bad an unexpected low could hurt us. In the past, we've thrown out low quarter hours, but you have to do that as a "special."

Nielsen's rules can be so silly.

Anonymous said...

We're throwing out certain newscasts and keeping others