Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feel Good Promotion

Here are 2 promos that attempt to provide hope through all this doom and gloom.


Jason said...

KGW gave me goosebumps. I wasn't sure where it was going, "but this day matters" was a great line.

Of course their VO guy doesn't hurt either.

Anonymous said...

I think the NBC spot is handcuffed by its length. It's hard to tell any kind of meaningful story about your brand in :20 seconds. Especially a brand message as ambitious as this one wants to be. If given only 20 seconds, I would have tried something else.
Since the KGW spot focuses on the morning news, I would have started there.
What if we wrote the spot in reverse, started with the premise that, every morning at KWN, we believe this day matters…..?
As someone who wakes up each day with the hope that this day will matter in terms of my economic situation, and given the promise or pledge that a morning newscast will arm me with information to make it matter, I would want to watch.
paul Greeley