Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweeping Up with WCCO and WBZ

It's that time of year again. No wait, no it isn't!

It's sweeps -- but at the wrong time of year.

But for a good reason. No wait, no it isn't!

And so goes "March sweeps" -- moved here for the DTV switch that never happened.

So here are 2 sweeps promos from 2 of my favorite stations:

This one is from WBZ and features voice stud John Pleisse:


Anonymous said...

Diets and tolls, both universal subjects that interest everyone. Great promos, well-written.
These spots are hip without trying to be.

I love the CCO spot. Here's a news series promo that isn't over-produced, just really good copy delivered by talented 'talent', but edited with style. No great lighting, just kind of in a blog style-like she's talking right to me. Cute.
Same sort of blog style used in the WBZ spot (are these two stations sisters?). Again, good copy, not over-produced. One shot I really like even though it's subtle is the 2-shot of the reporter talking to the toll collector. So much better than a slow-mo stand up. This shot shows the reporter at work and implies he actaully had a conversation with the subject, not just interviewed him. Encourage your news shooter (are there still any left) to pick up shots like for your use in promos.
Paul Greeley

Brian said...

Totally off-topic, but man would I kill for a newsroom that's as dynamic-looking as WCCO's. I'm stuck with powder blue walls. Yuck!!!!

Pepe said...

Was that a Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie?

mplsmade said...

i heart our newsroom :-)
and promise not to EVER take it for granted again.

Huss said...

No, that looked like a Carmel Delight, or Samoa cookie from Girl Scouts. I loved the WCCO approach, but the WBZ seemed pretty standard, but I really liked the graphic look in it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how 'BZ used similar graphics as the current NBC topical look. Just an observation.