Monday, May 4, 2009

WABC Promos

I've been so busy lately, I haven't posted much - so here are several spots from WABC in New York:


Jason said...

"Watch and see how they NAIL the most accurate forecast when it matters most."

UGH...The New York market strikes again. These are just awful. Full of tired, shallow claims and cliches that viewers see as just more noise.

The traffic promo is the only one that's somewhat interesting. But it still looks like something from 2000.

Evil Monkey said...

The 7 on the go spots weren't bad. Good actors, slick production...throw enough GRPs at it and it'll work just fine. But the News and Weather image might as well have said, "We do news. We do weather."

"When a story breaks, Eyewitness news is there." They're lucky. Wish I were at the ONLY station in town that's there when news breaks, because I'd promote the heck out of that unique fact too. Their competition must suck.

Deven said...

The "It's What We Do" promo is powerful in 15-second form unlike its 30-second sister, which drags. The custom music is the star, easily conveying to the viewer, "We know we're number one." Since the ratings back them up, it doesn't come off as being douchey.

The "7 minutes" jingle is incredibly catchy. I love Bill Ritter's enthusiasm in the promo, but he can show it without screaming, right?

I have never liked the ABC O&O-style testimonial promos. I have yet to see one in which I've said, "Yeah, I can see a person act like that without being on crack."

The Accuweather promo is the perfect example of a time filler. I say no more.

Anonymous said...


What is it about New York, LA and Chicago that absolutely NOTHING interesting comes from them??

The (potentially) best talent.. the worst promos??

Cause that's what they do.

Anonymous said...


I'm guessing creative directors are waiting until retirement... and relying on 1980's research.

Chris said...

Got to have the obligatory iPhone shot