Sunday, July 26, 2009

Emmy Time!

Our friend Jerry at WTVF in Nashville is looking through his excellent body of work to find something to enter for those fickle Emmy folks. My favs are the PSAs for the Rescue Mission. What do you like?


Anonymous said...

I think the projecter one has the best shot.

Paul said...

Loved the idea and execution for the fly on the wall promo.

The b&w psa with the pictures hanging under the bridge resonated strongest with me. Very nicely shot.. and a great idea I have never seen done. Cheers!!

Hated the outrunning the storm promo. A so-so twist on an outdated promo concept... "technology that keeps me safe..blah blah blah"

TAG: "There is no safer place in a
storm" <--- pa-leeze.

Also liked the video technique on the NC5 moments... good looking spots!!

Is the STATION ponying up the cash to enter?? Good luck!

Jerry said...

Thanks - great input.
I'm not sure which one is "the projecter" spot.

promokat said...

I think the PSAs are the best out of this group. Love the technique & the music. They were very emotional & also not the kind of effort most stations put into PSAs. I agree that the WX promo is cliche. And I liked the confrontations promo, not sure if it's emmy worthy, but I personally just love that stuff!

Anonymous said...

The PSA's are the ones that really stand out to me.