Monday, August 24, 2009

WCBS News at 5

So WNBC is killing their news at 5pm - so this is WCBS's answer.

Kinda old school - but I think I like it.



Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear more sound... Less "moments that change us" copy.

I'd especially like sound from the station's past... these stories felt very "national". Why not just watch CNN? Or the ABC affiliate?

It's a moving spot but one beauty shot of the anchors saying "Good evening" doesn't drive home the 'watch WCBS' message.

Anonymous said...

the beauty lies in the simplicity.
soft cell in a market where the nbc station is dropping it's 5 pm news. stories are indeed local/ny ... john lennon death... pope in nyc... "sully"/miracle on the hudson"... 9/11... foreclosures... McCartney Performing on Broadway... Giants Superbowl Parade etc!!! Very strong promo.

scooterbucs said...

I agree with Anon 2. I get a sense of history AND urgency without getting all up in your face. This says "news leader" to me.(cliche, I know)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I thought the copy was very good and the music perfect. I usually don't watch promos like this but this makes me stick around, and struck an emotional chord. Nice blend of the past and the present. I agree with anon2.