Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super Sweet Editing

Check out this from FIAT and get ready to think -- "I guess that 19 frame dissolve I did today wasn't so fancy after all."


Anonymous said...

While I know deep down my car is made with robots I really don't connect to a spot that tells me my next car could be completely made by the impersonal touch of a pre-programed robot. The editing was cool tough. Was that done by a robot?

Paul said...

Yeah, but it was a 19 frame "additive dissolve."

How you like me now!?

I think I've watched this spot everyday this week. I'm obsessed. The editing and music are fierce. The shots and juxtaposition of one's personal life versus the similarities of the factory movements are excellent.

I walked away from this NOT feeling that "impersonal touch" at all. I think the idea is that you can give the car your own personal touch. Like, I could get this car in the same cherry red of my fender strat.

Now... back to analyzing these crazy edits frame-by-frame...