Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quit While You're Ahead?

Some of these WFAA spots have been fantastic.  Great at getting his name out there.  I hear the ratings have improved.

But spots like this one seem like "the ideas that should have been left alone."  I'm not sure its creating a fun relationship between Ron Corning and his co-anchor.  In fact, it makes him seem more annoying and only helps highlight the fakeness that is local tv news.   She's irked by him - but puts on a nice, big, fake smile once the cameras turn back on.



Brian said...

Yup this is one spot too far.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely on the fakeness. That was my assertion on the earlier spots like this. I know she probably peps up like that to not look like a zombie on the graveyard shift, but the viewers aren't supposed to see that.