Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Terry Hart

There hasn't been much in the way of new promos to show you recently -- so I'm going back to the archives of the very talented Terry Hart, who directed these spots.

And here is a compliation of a few spots featuring beautiful scenics:

Which is your favorite? Why?


Rob Anderson said...

Brilliant imagery! It's one of the biggest reasons to WATCH TV. Use it to it's full potential and pull the viewer in. Well done spots all around. Thanks for today's inspiration.

Chris said...

The Witness spots are simply breathtaking. The Breaking News spots work, even with such an old and tired gag, because there's a new twist. They're funny without being forced...very rare in this biz.

I was curious to see the whereabouts of Terry Hart now. He directed these spots, but the infamous Wendy McMahon wrote them and Hothaus did the production. Not to take anything away from Terry, but he had one hell of a team behind him.