Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our West Michigan

I used to love doing interview spots.  Then I hated it.

Anchors usually sound scripted, even when they're not.

But these spots out of Michigan have a nice, real feel to them.  Some are better than others -- but on a whole, they did a nice job.

My one criticism?  Shooting outside makes some of the talent look terrible.  They're squinting.  The style is especially unflattering to the women anchors.


Anonymous said...

I might quibble with some of the design elements in this, but otherwise, I think these work. I think your on-air people are sometimes your best ambassador to the news product.
Paul Greeley

Anonymous said...

The de-saturated color grading on the anchors doesn't help their looks. It makes them feel cold rather than warm and friendly.

Anonymous said...

Paul--- what kind of suggestions do you have on the design elements? I'd love to hear issues, suggestions, etc on that.

Anon-- I totally agree with you on that. Problem is the powers-that-be loved the b&w from the first phase and wanted to continue. The color you see is me slowly changing to the full color I want. Hopefully by the time they notice, they'll be okay with it!