Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ABC7 Smart Shopper

I love these types of graphic-driven spots.  Simple... yet well thought out.

This one from Florida:


Anonymous said...

Ok...but when can I watch the smart shopper segment? 5,6 maybe 11 or do I have to watch all the shows. Don't forget the basics people. A nice place to slide it in might be during the "tune in" graphic. Just my two cents. LOL

Anonymous said...

Simple as long as you're not the animator who's do an entire :30 from scratch! :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was an oversight that was fixed before the spot made air, but after it hit youtube. Rest assured, our viewers will know they can catch the Smart Shopper at 5:00 PM every weekday.

And yes. As the individual who wrote, produced. shot, edited, and animated the 900 frames that went into this spot. It's easy to overlook even some of the more obvious details : )