Saturday, October 27, 2012


I love the emotional branding of these spots.  However, I'm left with the question. What is NPT?

I googled it and came to the conclusion that this was Nashville Public Television.
Not reinforcing what NPT stands for in the spot leaves non-viewers wondering what they just saw an ad for.

These are "works in progress" according to the Youtube page.  I hope they rethink the brand reinforcement.  I want to make an emotional connection with you based on these spots -- but if I don't know what to attach my connection to -- its all for nothing.

The circle... is not complete.

And trust me -- not a ton of people are intimately knowledgeable of their local PBS channel.



Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree. I think it depends on the market. This campaign would have been spot on had it aired in my former market. The whole state is obessed with the "local local local" mantality. Everybody knows VPT.

Anonymous said...

well I think these spots are created with the idea that people seeing them have heard what NPT is already. Imagine if every Nike ad had to say "we are nike and we sell shoes". I think it probably works for viewers in that market, and that is all that matters.