Thursday, April 18, 2013

Documentary-style Weather Promos

Severe Weather 2013 from Jeramy Pappas on Vimeo.


Paul Greeley said...

Weathermen telling us in their own words about their job.
Creative, not necessarily. Original, not really. Award-winning, probably not.
Honest, straight-forward, you bet. A good representation of the passion and dedication of the station’s weathermen, yes.
I like that there’s a campaign here, not just one spot. A couple of picky points…
I would have found a way to have had the weathermen identify themselves in each promo. Before viewers can like a person, they have to know his name, and where he works. I always want the talent to identify themselves in topicals, too. There’s a long-time news anchor here in Philly at the ABC O&O and he IDs himself in every topical.
Second minor point, I’m not a fan of shots of weathermen in front of green screen.
Paul Greeley

Anonymous said...

I don't care that the news crews are canceling their dinner breaks for weather coverage. And most of the spots kind of miss the mark. But sometimes you get what you get from the talent.

Another take on the spot, could have included the weather guy who had the tornado headed toward his family. (he can carry a spot better than the other guy) Let him say what happened in his own words, take him to the location if possible. People can connect with him when severe weather has touched his life and he knows what's at stake when he's in the studio.