Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feedback Requested

Christopher from WBOC-TV in Salisbury, MD would appreciate some feedback on his spot.

Keep in mind - this is a smaller market - so feel free to offer your thoughts, advice and constructive criticism.

Covering Delmarva Revised from Chris DeMondo on Vimeo.


bent said...

I would make a few changes to break up the flow like taking a few clips full instead of keeping everything in the video frame.

There's the interesting video wall background, but then the promo leaves that for your end frame. The clip of the chopper might be better served earlier in the promo bridging between two of the earlier speakers.

Finally if this were my promo I'd slow down the background animation. There's a disconnect between the speed of the background and the foreground.

I thought the clips were edited so the sentences flowed very naturally together.

Tara said...

I think this promo looks nice and I get your message....WBOC is everywhere.

You could have tied in the last chopper shot better with the chopper guy as the last line....something like "we even have you covered up here. WBOC Delmarva's News leader."

As for the video wall background, I agree with Brent above. The background appears to move at different speeds. Is that an allusion or on purpose? I would have preferred one speed.

Anonymous said...

on the right track, but maybe next time focus on the viewers and iconic locations in those different areas - rather than on your talent. and maybe include a message about why you're everywhere = the viewer benefits.

Anonymous said...

Market 142 has a chopper? I bet he gets paid a lot more than I do too. :)