Monday, September 16, 2013

Action News Magic Marker

VERY excited fans of the show share their love through magic marker:


Paul said...

Fun and unique. It definitely drives home an enthusiastic vibe.

One odd thing, it's a promo that's all about the viewers and their thoughts, but we don't clearly hear or see their opinions.

If this was a :15 it's perfect! I think their could have been a little more meat in a :30. Why are these viewers so excited? Let them tell me. It's a really fast and energetic edit but a few clear (on cam?)soundbites would drive home the message and put an exclamation point on the energy.

I dig the concept.

Anonymous said...

No one loves the station THAT much. Corny and insincere.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing about news in Philadelphia if you think people don't love it that much. People are obsessed with their news anchors and reporters in Philly in a way that only makes sense when you've seen it up close. And they're mad about WPVI.

Anonymous said...

Here's how it was done: