Monday, November 4, 2013

Manifesto 2013

The VO on this one seems over the top to me somehow... not sure he nailed it.


Anonymous said...

I'm normally pretty cynical but I like these. Yea, they're over the top but the emotion compensates for it.

It's not playing to fear like most spots, it's playing to attitude. That's an important distinction. I will say that one shot of the attractive female anchor could have been a little shorter, for subtlety's sake.

Definitely an older, male-demo spot. Perfect for a buy on Fox News, History, and A&E.

J.R. VanWassenhove said...

Nice work, Brouder!

promokat said...

We, we, we, we, we....and when the copy says it's about "you," we see shots of the anchors.

I will say that it's shot very nicely.