Friday, March 14, 2014

WFTV Orlando Image

Here are 3 :60 spots for my old competition in Orlando, WFTV.


Paul Greeley said...

Straight ahead news image promotion. Well-shot and edited. Not over-produced at all, clean big market look and feel. Some of the examples of their talent from the field and studio look a bit staged for my tastes, but at least they were staged well. The montage of live sig outs from the reporters was eye catching.
I believe that 60 second spots can be very effective in telling your station’s story whatever it happens to be.
Paul Greeley

Jon said...

Thought these were very nice looking but they dragged. I found myself tuning out about 30-40 seconds in to each one... and I wanted to see them. I can't see a viewer sticking around through one of these. There just wasn't that much interesting.

Mikey said...

As a long time resident and news junkie, I have never been so impressed. And in recent years, their image promos have been bland, but these are enticing.

But where did the plexiglass map of CFL come from?

J.R. VanWassenhove said...

I worked for the competition in Orlando for 3 years, and never recall seeing something with as much intention as this series from FTV. Congratulations to Tony Getts. Well done.

Anonymous said...

If only we could all hire a production house to design high end image promos.

Wait, who wants to do that...?


Anonymous said...

no one outside of tv will understand these or buy in to the message.
fake and staged "pretty" tv

Anonymous said...

Staged, artificial and stiff. Just a bunch of highly produced shots put to typical consultant language.