Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WFAA Mornings

Here is a new morning show spot for WFAA in Dallas.   A departure from the wacky "Corning in the Morning" spots from the past... this tries to connect with morning people.

I certainly relate to the guy stepping on the squeaky toy... waking the baby!

DAYBREAK IMAGE - ANTHEM 30 from WFAA Creative on Vimeo.

A longer :60 version:

DAYBREAK IMAGE - ANTHEM 60 from WFAA Creative on Vimeo.


chris said...

that's a nice spot! shots are very well executed, plus the music is really working in their favor. Pushes back nicely against news promo cliches without being completely out of left field.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely spot, however, this really seems plug n' play. The product shot is sparse and looks "added in post." Really seems like a a very generic "insert your local newscast image here" type of spot.
Very well written and shot (I'm guessing Hothaus?).