Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nashville Mornings

Two new spots out of Nashville inspired by WFAA's "I Am Up" campaign:


Paul Greeley said...

I don't know how closely these spots are to the WFAA campaign. I see lots of news promos that are inspired by, stolen from, directly copied, etc from other stations. Many of us have been inspired by some others' work, see it as working for our station and then modify and customize it to work in our market. The key is to find great work.
I like spots like this because we see viewers, end users, and not just anchors in the studio and newsroom.

Paul Greeley


Hey Paul - the producer told me he was inspired by the WFAA campaign.

However, I think they did a nice job of doing their own thing and making it really local.

Paul Greeley said...

I agree. I have no problem with this campaign being inspired by the one from WFAA. In fact, I think broadcast groups ought to share the marketing of every station in their group so that other stations can be 'inspired' to create great work. Especially if the campaign achieved ratings results.

Paul Greeley

Jerry Walker said...

Thanks Paul, I think...
Yes, Don we were working on morning spots focused on the viewers and I saw WFAA's spots on this blog and really liked them, so thanks for sharing Dallas folks.