Monday, July 20, 2015

WXIA 11 Alive Investigators

It looks like the "Pure Imagination" investigative team spot for WXIA has been pulled.

For those that saw it - you may be interested in seeing these spots for their brand - which may give you some perspective on what they're doing in Atlanta. 


Anonymous said...

When did local news become a cheesy Lifetime movie? I know WXIA's struggling but these spots aren't going to make me tune in.

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty lofty claims. Let's hope their news product lives up to them.

Anonymous said...

"Tonight.. a dazzling array of money.. stuffed in the pockets of HotHaus elite. 'Did you see what they just did with that high speed camera!!?' Why one local station continues to spend cash for their creative.. IN HOPES IT WILL HELP THEM- Smoke and mirrors- Tonight at 11"