Monday, November 2, 2015

KING5: Weather Experience

Its hard to argue with this much experience - a great ace in the hole for any television station:


Jon said...

nothing to say but awesome all the way through. Great visuals. Good writing. Great message.

Anonymous said...

"experience - a great ace in the hole". If only more folks understood that. My GM equates "experience" with "old".

paul greeley said...

Years of experience forecasting the weather in one particular area can be a reason to watch. I, too, like the writing and visuals, and especially the feel of the spot.
With 75 years of forecasting experience, that adds up to a lot of rainy days...and one could make the point that nobody in Seattle knows as much about forecasting the weather as these two guys.
Paul Greeley

Jon said...

Although to play devil's advocate to the experience argument, just because you spend a lot of time doing something, doesn't mean you're good. I've know weather people with a ton of "experience" that are no better at forecasting than a monkey throwing darts.