Monday, February 8, 2016

KHOU Stands for Houston

KHOU in Houston used the Super Bowl to launch this latest image spot:

Also, timed with the release of the spot, this article in a local publication.  It tells a bit of the backstory on the spot written by a local poet:


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm becoming tired of the slow-motion footage of blue-collar workers staring at the camera... and the stock images of people in the community.

It's not an indictment on the promo, just a personal sense after seeing the same thing over and over in TV promos these days.

Nice message, but the visuals seem canned.

Anonymous said...

Send us a link to your work, not canned image guy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, after re-reading my comment (original post) it does sound sort of harsh. Not my intention.

I, too, have used similar shots of people in all sorts of promos. I just see SO many of the same sort of shots these days I've grown a bit weary of them. Visually and compositionally, they are well-composed.

As with anything, the more of something you see, the more creative minds will steer to something different. That doesn't make my opinion right, it's just my opinion.

This forum is great because it allows creative people to share ideas and processes. It's all subjective.

Here are some links:

Jay Yovanovich
WRAL-TV On-Air Promotion Manager