Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life After TV?

I'm often asked by people who have been in this profession for years - "What's next outside of TV?"

So many in promo wonder what they might do if they find themselves without a job -- or that day when they think "I can't stand another sweeps!  It's time to give this up."

So I'm asking -- where do Creative Services Directors go once they've left TV?

Ad agencies?  Marketing for a non-TV company?

What skills do we gain at a station that are transferable?

Let's start a discussion here, anonymously, that might help those looking for their next step.

Give your thoughts, experiences and knowledge in the comments section. 

Stay anonymous if you'd like - just share your thoughts.  It might just help someone move on to a happy, healthy life outside of broadcasting.

And hey - that opens up positions for those who still love Nielsen ratings each morning!


Anonymous said...

I'm highly considering going the freelance graphic design route. Not quite ready to pull the trigger just yet, though.

Anonymous said...

From yesterday's :

Paul McCartney only has one vacation home. It’s in Tucson. Yes, Tucson is THAT wonderful. And come the end part of March, it’s where GENE ROBINSON and familia will be calling home. He’s another creative who’s taking leave of the affiliate TV biz, turning in his key at TEGNA’s KPNX, the NBC affil in the Valley of the Sun where he’s been Brand Manager. He’s also wrangled brand for indie KTVK, which is TEGNA. He’ll be clocking in at the University of Arizona where he’ll be Director of Marketing and Communications for Arizona Public Media. Yes, that is a PBS affiliate, but let’s not spit hairs. Gene has the most gorgeous family – a lucky man indeed. He’s lived in Sacramento and worked at the Hearst station there and then spent two years as Director of TV Communications for the California Highway Patrol in the Cali capital. Here’s a big Well Dunne! Gene!

chris said...

I think corporate communications could have some highly transferable skills, and I think companies are looking for ways outside of simple memos/emails to communicate with their employees...which is where video/design skills could be increasingly valuable.

Anonymous said...

I finally just got out of 8 year in news promotions. I have been an Art Director, Producer, Editor, Writer and Promotions Manager. Left to pursue a motion graphics career at an Ad far so good!

Anonymous said...

I'd be really interested to hear how the ad agency/production house world stacks up to what we do in TV promotions and creative services. Pay, workload, lifestyle. Any details would be great.

Anonymous said...

You read my mind. I want out. We do PR. We buy media. We run an ad agency. We create messages for mass audiences. Our skills are infinitely applicable, yet every time I apply for a job outside of TV, I don't even get a call--even when I have a contact within the company I'm applying to. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Would love to hear from anyone who's successfully scaled that wall and seen the other side.