Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Personal Announcement

After 7 great years here in Sacramento, I am moving on.

Beginning July 18 - I will be the new Director of Marketing for KENS-TV in San Antonio, TX.

This is a station and market I am all too familiar with.  I worked there from 1998 - 2001 and fell in love with the city and KENS5.  I'm thrilled to be going back. 

The move will put us much closer to my mother, father, sister and brothers - along with many friends and extended family.

I will follow in the footsteps of three great former KENS CSDs who taught me a ton as I was growing up in this business - Allen Lansing, Dale Lockett and Stan Melton.  All great guys.

I will be leaving behind KOVR/KMAX in Sacramento.  Truly one of the best places I have ever worked.  From General Manager Kevin Walsh's guidance and creative freedom to the very best staff in the country -- I will miss this place.  I have never had the honor of working with such a talented team and I know they will prosper long into the future.  Seriously the best.

Sacramento has been a great place to call home and raise our son.  I'm excited to introduce my wife and Henry to San Antonio.

More to come as I embark on this next chapter.  And hey - if anyone knows of a good Promo Manager or producer -- send them my way!


Skye said...

Congrats Don! Well deserved.

Rob Anderson said...

Congrats Don! Wish you all the best.

Johnny said...

Congrats Don!

Wes Rodda said...

Congratulations Don! Always great to be closer to home.

Peter Masucci said...

Congrats, Don. Can't wait to see you you put your mark on that station.

David Hershey/KTVT said...

Welcome to Texas Don!