Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Year Ender Spots

Here is a nice spot from KHOU in Houston:

Another from Fort Myers:


Anonymous said...

The spot says to me: "When some really bad shit is going down, we're there."

I think the spot needed more balance. Certainly some good things happened there in 2008.

Great editing, music, etc.

Anonymous said...

KHOU's is a bit depressing, sure, but this year just plain ol' stunk. The spot was effective, but about :30 less would have been great.

The second spot got me all goose-pimply. I like the implied hopefulness.

Music choices were spot-on. Custom? Library? Anyone know who did what?

Anonymous said...

KHOU sounds like videohelper music. Also, remind me never to live in Houston.

Jerry said...

We've gone down that road of depressing year-enders. This year, I tried to be a little more inspiring. Let me know what you think...