Friday, December 19, 2008

No Weather Hype

Now here is a pretty interesting take on weather promotion.

This is the 3:00 version they put on the web. The singer is the daughter of my station's new Asst. News Director... so I got the scoop!

Check it out:


Anonymous said...

I love and some of the other stupid jingle songs, but not this one.

I think it's because it looks low budget. The Wonderful World of Weather is AWESOME. If you're going to do a "cheesy" song, do that.

Evil Monkey said...

"Our weather brand is based on the success of the other guys."

Not something to be proud of. Guess who I'm NOT watching when there's a tornado warning.

This is the station that did the awesome spot against a chroma key wall a few years ago with kind of the same message, but I liked that. I hate this.

Anonymous said...

I like it... it just seems a little too long, especially for the web. I would've kept it at a minute.

Anonymous said...

I remember once trying to do a wx promo around the no hype angle. The news director looked at me like I was crazy.

WKYC Promo said...

I agree that it's too long but like the concept. It reinforces a consistent message they been promoting for a while now.

Personally, I like the no hype message and have used it myself. It can be effective if your competition is over the top. But it only works if your ND and Chief Meteorologist buy into it.

Brian said...

My station's gone the "no hype" route. We've had tons of viewers writing and calling in now that winter's hit, telling us how much they like that we don't hype the weather.

The other two stations in my market go balls-out every time it even threatens to snow (can you say cutins every half hour the day before the storm's due to hit? Seriously!) So no hype totally works to our advantage.

Would I go this route? Hell no! I didn't like this spot much.