Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mic Flags

Anyone have a good company for mic flags? They're so expensive and usually fall apart quickly.

Anyone have any leads?

And sorry for the blog being so bare lately. Between the new job and the fact that no one is uploading much of anything to Youtube -- I haven't had the chance to update as much. I'm keeping my eye out for things though! Don't give up on me quite yet!


Anonymous said...

Scott Christian... Nice choice.

Anonymous said...

Try White Manufacturing...that's where we get ours...some are a bit pricey...but they are well-made.

Anonymous said...

The found that the cheapest way to go, is to get blank flags from White Maufacturing and have logo stickers printer at a local printer.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten mine at impactpbs.com becasue I wasn't buying huge quantities.
They sent them with free chocolates. Very tasty.

Maryan said...

I got mine online at www.micflagstore.com
I bought a bunch of them, they have flat rate shipping which is a good money saver.