Monday, January 5, 2009

CBS 13 Sacramento

Their brand is "Asking Questions. Getting Answers." --- these spots are very clever in the delivery of that message.


Anonymous said...

The concept is awesome and will resonate with the young audience they're going after. Young people appreciate new ideas--as long as they're good, of course--so give it to them.

Paul said...

ack... i usually loath acting in news spots, and this is no exception.

While I would never fault someone for trying to leave this box we've created... and I applaud a shop that would run with a 'wild' idea... these spots just leave me cold.

Or maybe my funny bone is just broken after being forced to sit through Juno.

JWALKER said...

Is this psychic news? I've been in the news biz for a while but I've never seen news that can actually answer any of these questions.

scooterbucs said...

I hope the big guy in promo 1 gets an actor's fee. He seems to be in a lot of promos for this station.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. a 40% ratings jump at 5pm this past November.

Something must be working.