Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New York Spots

From WCBS, a spot that does nothing for me:

From WNBC, beautiful spots that do nothing for me:

And a WNBC ID campaign:


Paul said...

first promo gave me a seizure... Though I'm sure it looks stunning in HD.

The music selection struck me as odd... or maybe it was the wholesome voice guy trying to sell breaking news.

No meat or soul to the script...

I'm still laughing at the second promo for starting off "in a world..."

This blog was better when I could just talk to you about the promo's.. Now I might actually offend somebody :/


Well Paul, if its easier - I can fly back to Orlando each time I post some spots. :)

That might be a good idea during the winter!

Anonymous said...

The CBS script sounds like it was written by a consultant... from 1999.

I can understand the whole if it's not broken, don't fix it mentality. But at the same time, our entire industry is broken. And look at our economy!

One description of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results?

We're crazy if we think the next generation of 25 - 54 year olds (the ones who grew up with the web) will wake up and realize they've been missing out on consultant-driven buzzwords like "breaking news", "big stories" and "doppler 4000".

Jason said...

4 New York sounds like a musical arrangement and vocals from the early 90's.


Evil Monkey said...

If we found out how much more these people make than most of us, I bet we'd throw up a little in our mouths.

This is promotion for promotion's sake. Nothing else. We need some 60's to fill unsold and have nothing worthwhile to sell, so let's just get some messages out saying "we cover the news."

These work with anyone's logo and call letters at the they couldn't be less effective. Nice job, market one.

Jason said...

Evil Monkey says it best.

Brian said...

Nice looking promos, but no substance behind them. Just like every other spot the New York market manages to spit out each and every day. I guess that's what you get when your promo staff's the size of some small market stations. *groan*

Anonymous said...

As far as how much some of these guys make, three years ago a guy who was running audio, and just audio, for WNBC was making over $70,000 per year before overtime. So you can just imagine how much their promo staff is making apiece.

scooterbucs said...

I thought the CBS spot has some cool effects. No seizures for me, but I agree with Paul that it's missing a soul.

Are the NBC spots pushing their 24/7 channel? I think they miss the mark? And the music feels dated...pretty pictures though.

And I agree with EM that these feel like January fillers with no real purpose.

And $70K in NYC is possibly below minimum wage.

scooterbucs said...

Sorry, they miss the mark. Didn't mean to question mark it.

mplsmade said...

it bothers me that they are so "generic" -nothing that sets them apart from the other station.
both promos look like they are almost copying each other?
c'mon people...a little creativity never hurt anyone, even in HD. take some risks :-)

itimebomb said...

Wow evil monkey you sounded like Graeme Newell there. Great breakdown.

Anonymous said...

these are great spots...for me to poop on.