Friday, January 30, 2009

WCBS Spots

Beautiful, empty spots.

Here's one that actually breaks ground by telling people when the news is on. :)

And in case you wondered "What do the folks at WCBS NEWS do?", here's a spot that proudly says "We do the news."


Deven said...

I hope that the production values just look expensive and they didn't actually spend a bunch of cash on these things. In terms of promotional message and possible benefit, these are unsold inventory fillers.

Anonymous said...

LA and NYC continue to blow me away. /sarcasm

Evil Monkey said...

We could do that here. Might not look as good, but it would be just as pointless.

Still sickened at the salary discrepancy between their shop and mine. Eeesh.

Malthepal said...

Eye candy. It danced off the screen and made me watch again. However, I didn't watch for the message. I watched again to figure out how they did it, or if it was just several canned items put together. Yep....I'm a "sad, strange, little man...."