Tuesday, February 3, 2009

KPRC Houston

Here are 4 spots from KPRC in Houston:


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of getting the anchors out from behind the desk...or away from doing the old 'here, pretend like I'm handing you a script' routine. These are shot really well and I like the fact we get a sense of who these people are...even though I don't live in Houston. I like them.

Anonymous said...

I like the spots but the weather one doesn't quite settle with me. It goes for funny then goes forced.

The "We Are Houston" spots are great.

Anonymous said...

I really like their message but I'm not sure I like the background. Are they in a doctor's office waiting room?

Jason said...

Good messages that probably hit home for the Houston audience, especially if another "local" anchor team is really from NYC. (Texans are proud.)

As for the background, the only thing that stood out for me was the creepy silhouette of a man, while the anchor is talking about him. :-)

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that these look and feel a lot like WFAA spots from late last year.

The WFAA ones were better.

As for the New York anchors, I think he means KHOU. Greg Hurst is from Texas(but anchored in NYC) and I'm not sure about the female. Hurst has been at KHOU long enough for people to not think of him as an outsider -- so I'm not sure that dig works.

scooterbucs said...

First spot has two messages and should be two seperate promos. The "Magic Finger" bit is funny and should have been driven home.

Second and third spots are nice. I get to know the anchors. The still shots didn't do it for me though.

Last spot was too long and made the meteorologist seem arrogant.

Overall, good spots for Super Bowl viewers that aren't regular watchers.

Huss said...

I LOVED the background, actually. ALmost too much, as it started to distract from the anchors and thei rmessage. "Frank's Magic Finger" is probably the best name ever for a promo though.

Anonymous said...

"Usually, I'm right." "We drive in traffic together." "We feel a kinship." These promos are horrible, staged, and too scripted.

Sorry, but to me they come across as a little pompous.

Anonymous said...

clean... crisp... i like them and i am from new york.

Anonymous said...

The "New York" reference was probably a knock at KHOU. Both Lucy Noland and Len Cannon both came directly from NYC to anchor in Houston. And like someone else said, Greg Hurst has been here too long to consider him an outsider.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... With other anonymous. VERY much like WFAA's Image last year. Even the 4 colored chairs in bkgd?
Doesn't hold a candle to WFAA's but oddly enough comments seem to be a lot more accepting?

Dave Muscari said...

Color me dumbfounded, speechless and a little pissed.

Are you kidding me? Frank's magic finger aside (good grief) these are direct rip offs of WFAA's 2008 image campaign, right down to the style of chairs and the dad gum knick knacks on the shelving behind the anchors.

Whomever produced these spots should be ashamed of themselves. Clearly, they saw what WFAA did and tried to knock it off.

Anonymous said...

First, why does Muscari really care? Does it hurt WFAA in any way to have a Houston station doing similar ads? I could understand if it was NBC5 or Fox4, but it's a Houston station.

Second, this seems like something that's probably been done to death over the years by many TV stations -- how can Muscari claim credit for this style of ad?

Anonymous said...

Hello Milwaukee
Hello Pittsburgh
Hello Houston
Hello Atlanta
Hello Utah
Hello Many Others
Here's 2
Here's 2 You
We're 4 Boston
We're 4 Milwaukee
11's On Your Side
12's On Your Side
We're On Your Side
7 News Is Everywhere
Action News Is Everywhere
8 Stands For News
no, 11 Stands For News
The More You Know, the more you will want to...
...please stop me if you have heard of any of these in more than one city!
Settle down News8-The Spirit Of Texas...or is it News12-The Spirit of ___________ that you copied!

Dave Muscari said...

Why do angry, Anonymous?

I'm simply suggesting that a little creativity and originality goes a long way.

You may find this hard to believe, but every station image campaign isn't a rip off of another.

As for the Spirit of Texas (and the rest of WFAA's station image campaigns), perhaps you can show me one over the last 15-20 years that WFAA copied from another television station?


I have to back Dave up on this. WFAA has always been a leader - building promos that others copy.

Did they create every single idea out there? Of course not. But in the 10 plus years I've been following their work - I can't think of any spot that copied another.

I agree - a little creativity and originality goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't a station VP have other things to be concerned about rather than someone copying a promo? There's this thing called an economic downturn for one....