Sunday, February 15, 2009

WITI Weather Parody Promo


Anonymous said...

too much talking... the basic message you want viewers to walk away with gets lost... doesn't hold interest long enough or well enough for someone to sift through the chatter to pick out the important message... also have to coment on the situation... the 'discussion' seems so set up... looks and feels like they are having a discussion knowing that we are standing right next to them listening... in this case I think it would have been better just to talk directly to the audience.

Jerry said...

agree - the message is lost.
i think you're saying you don't put up a bunch of crawl graphics, but then at the end, you cover the screen with a 3Dlike graphic that really doesn't tell me anything.

Anonymous said...

I still have no idea what the anchor says "Do you really need to know that..." something, something.

I thought I was watching the parody part with that obnoxious 3d screen.

And the message is indeed lost, especially at the top when he says "enough is enough".

Chris said...

I love the multiple crawls, funny.

The 3D is pretty terrible, everything looks like it's at a default bevel. The type is especially bad. And that 3D screen didn't make any sense... was it supposed to be a joke, or were they serious?

Huss said...

Yeah, maybe they could have looked at the screen, and yeah the 3D not the best, but otherwise, this spot is pretty good. It's perfect FOX, so I don't know what you guys are complaining about. This is what a FOX station should be doing. And who cares what was said during the spot, the end line seals the deal.