Sunday, April 5, 2009

What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks

Here's the explaination on youtube:

WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have been together for many years. This whole thing started out really small and simple. And then along came the internet, and a video camera, and you tube, and here we are with the funniest dance routine since that scene in Big.


Anonymous said...

That was so stupid I don't know where to start. The funny thing is that these people look like they have NO personality on the air.

Jason said...

Anonymous sure is bitter. I can't believe they remembered every move.

Brian said...

Hey, in this time of cutting back, doesn't your news team have enough time in their day to coordinate a three-minute "dance" routine?

Gimme a break. Forced. Stupid. Not endearing at all. Makes them look like idiots.