Friday, July 8, 2011

Springfield Tornado POP

Brian from WSHM in Springfield would love your feedback on this POP:


Brad said...

Great spot with great sound bites. But I think it could have showcased any breaking news/severe weather coverage your station did.

Looked and sounded great though.

David Douglas said...

Gotta be honest, I get the point. But telling me life is busy and you won't waste my time for a newscast seems in poor taste in the face of tragedy. I think a better message for this would be that you're here with us always. Just my $0.02

Brian said...

A little background on the spot: two of our three main anchors (including the anchor who was on-air when the storm hit and our chief met who handled ALL our storm coverage) left the station two days after this tornado struck. Having no shelf-life with anything that included them made things difficult.

David, thanks for your honest assessment! Fact is: we're not a station that's "always there". In fact, we only produce news at 4pm, 6pm, and 11pm. This wasn't the first spot we put to air after the tornado struck, so while the message may feel a bit strong this came a few days down the road after we'd done the "we're in this together" spots.