Saturday, October 29, 2011

News 8 Travels

A new image spot from Dallas:


Anonymous said...

nice production value...but why promote the fact that you're leaving your own market to 'find more news?' Is there not enough news going on in your own town affecting your own viewers? Seems like an odd direction.

Dave said...

Discovery Channel graphics and spot inspiration me-thinks... That's not a bad thing.

I like the active nature of the spot and placing the personalities in the field. Almost gives the news a reality show kind of feel. It makes the news feel macho without being over-dramatic. I like that. Question is, does the product give the same feeling?

Only technical critique, I can barely hear the VO over the music in parts.

P Barton said...

Other spots I've seen, and this one seem to show their brand as traveling to get the story. But I'm not sure that resonates with the viewer much. Why travel for "local" stories?

I like the production value though.