Friday, February 24, 2012

WIS Weatherman

From WIS in South Carolina:

Here is a Super Bowl spot from WIS in Columbia, SC. It promotes our Chief Meteorologist without the threats of violence. And by that, I mean - we involved children.

Love it? Hate it? Let us know.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...but that was horrible. I know we all want to stay away from the "severe weather doppler 7000" promos...but those are way more effective than this spot. I didn't get the shot of the kids. It felt like it was forced NOT to be a typical weather promo. I mean you could at least find a real lawn to shoot your talent on!

Anonymous said...

I like and get the concept, just failed to execute in my opinion. I agree with shooting on a real lawn, or at least lose the massive drop shadow!

Paul said...

I also liked the concept. Though the middle VO section felt a little weak visually and verbally.

If you're selling an anchor, show them! Using a shot or two of him on set instead of the second cloud shot could reinforce the topic at hand: the meteorologist.

I loved the call back as adults at the end, that pulled it together nicely.

Anonymous said...

I hate the concept. So cliche. Seriously, everytime tells me how cute a spot will be if we have "the anchors as kids!" this is what I picture in my mind.

David Hershey/KTVT said...

We did a series of spots very similar to this premise a few years back for KTVT in Dallas...showcasing what our Chief Met might have been like as a kid. I think that kind of concept can work IF you make the connection between the child's fascination and interest in the weather and then tie it into his level of experience and professionalism today. I feel like we made that connection in each of our spots. I'm not going to comment on these specifically but will say I applaud any attempt to break outside the 'weather guy in the weathercenter' box. Thanks for showcasing all these promos Don...I enjoy seeing them. See you all in Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Here's a great treatment and execution of the idea of 'born to forecast'
Lee Goldberg, ‘Born To Forecast’ 2008
WABC, New York

paul greeley


Vegas can't come soon enough David! See you out there.

Anonymous said...

There is a Janice Huff promo for WNBC from years ago. I have a file of it on my computer, but because someone gave it to me I don't think I can upload it. It has an incredible VO artist doing the read talking about how 'a little girl from harlem' would visit her grand dad in South Carolina and the 'weather had the time and the space to paint the sky with color'. I think it's actually shot on a soundstage, and not on location. It looks amazing, but I predict it had at least a $100k budget. It's a minute long and makes a great emotional connection with an adorable young child before you find out about :35 seconds in that 'Janice' is 'Janice Huff'. One of my favorite spots of all time if you can't tell by this rant. If you've seen it, you probably know why.