Thursday, April 19, 2012

WDRB in the Morning

Fun, light spots featuring the anchors on the morning show. UPDATED: New spot:


Anonymous said...

It's a FOX station. Morning news on FOX. You can do stuff like this. I'm assuming the newscast/show is slightly irreverent, somewhat non-traditional, very personality-driven. I like this then. I would caution the producer about the use of popular music in these though. They work, that's not it. It's the licensing part. Who's Mike though?
Paul Greeley

Anonymous said...

I am also interested in the use of the music.

Anonymous said...

Wow I guess Louisville recovered from the recession faster than anyone else in the country! Is there a new Mercedes convertible in every garage?
Thank You for qualifying every perception of local news people.

Will Benson said...

He's also riding a child's Huffy bicycle in the other promos. I guess everyone in the world will think Traffic guys ride kid's bikes to work. Get over yourself last poster. Some people do drive nice cars. I guess I should have had him driving my old beat up Grand Am...maybe that would be too grand? You should consider coming out of your cave once in a while. sheesh. I also have the balls to not be anonymous. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure about the execution of these or the "acting" for that matter.

If your anchors can't "act" you really need to think of a different concept.

The convertible spot had potential, but frankly, I'm betting the car was too fancy for the audience and taking your hands off the wheel isn't really a good idea to show your audience when you're reporting about texting and car crashes, etc.

Will Benson said...

You are absolutely right about the whole 'taking their hands off the wheel thing'. Viewers will look at this and think they can do the same thing.

I remember watching the movie 'Predator', and when Arnold said "Get to the choppa!!" my Mom and Dad immediately ran out our front door looking for a way out. They were so scared because the TV thing had people with guns and a invisible enemy....I really hope nobody is still watching 'Predator' on SciFy...cause they are probably sitting in their backyard covered in mud.

Anonymous said...

Will, is this how you respond when your boss, news director, or GM makes suggestions or points out issues with your product?

A lot of creative minds, managers and potential future employers/co-workers come here to talk shop, and frankly, you're coming off like an ass.

A lot of people like to criticize promos they don't like (or don't understand), you don't have to defend your work in such a rash manner. It's a small world (and it's getting smaller).

It's nice to see a station putting up the cash for 'popular music.' They must believe in what your producing.

Will Benson said...

I just now saw the last post on here and I think I should respond, although you will probably never see it since it was so long ago.

I don't mind CONSTRUCTIVE criticism at all, and frankly I know I was coming off like an an anonymous person.

If my CSD, News Director, or GM (Now or in the future.) had a problem with a promo I produced, I would correct the problem. I know who they are, and trust their judgement on what is wrong and what is right. I respect their experience, and look to learn from their criticism.

I admit that I overreacted a bit and apologize to all of the anonymous people who I have hurt, including you. I would hope I didn't ruin any chances of future employment/friendship with anyone who read my responses. I'll make sure I think of that next time I want to respond.