Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Demo Reel/Zombified

Can't wait for "The Walking Dead" to return?

If you're like me, you love zombies.  And apparently, so does Local TV LLC -- who asked their stations to prepare a demo reel.

The catch?  They should have a zombie theme.

Here is the winning entry from the very talented team at KDVR in Denver.


Paul said...

I want to work in Denver (now that it's safe).

Wes said...

I think that the amount of company resources spent on this should really be examined.

Or, maybe I'm just bitter because my video did not win.

Nice job, Erik.

Anonymous said...

that was fun! nothing wrong with a little fun now and then. we get so little of it in the day-to-day, especially where we are told "there is no C for comedy." or F for fun, apparently. so good for them for getting to play a little. good for the morale.

Jeramy Pappas said...

NOW I don't feel so bad about not winning. This is truly inspired.

-Jeramy from Fort Smith