Monday, August 6, 2012

"Terrific Blog!" -- says Newsblues

A few days ago - I blogged about a promo that had several lines of copy that were identical to a spot from two years earlier. Today, the industry website Newsblues wrote about it:

In our journeys through the internet, we came across a terrific blog out of Sacramento called "I Do Promoz," which features the best (and worst) of local television promotional spots.
The anonymous author of the blog points to a 2010 promo on CBS-owned WCCO-4 in Minneapolis (Market #15) that was replicated word-for-word two years later on KCTV-5-CBS in Kansas City (Market #31). Forget about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, says the blog. "I call it stealing. And what's worse to me is when producers claim it as their own, put it on their reels, enter it for awards. They get recognition for ideas they didn't originate.
"We've all been inspired by others. But if you're going to borrow an idea -- make it your own, make it better, rewrite it, retool it. Don't steal it. We all have YouTube. You're going to get caught."
The KCTV promo has since been removed.

Thanks Newsblues for the mention - although I'm anything but anonymous. My career highlights, picture and name are all over the blog. Oh well, I'm sure he just didn't believe my name was really "Don Smith" :)


Anonymous said...

I think this is getting a little out of control. I saw the promos before KCTV 5 pulled it. It was only 4 lines or about 8 seconds of the :30 promo. Now it's grown to they copied the whole spot word for word. The spots looked completely different but did share 4 lines or about 8 seconds of copy. You might not like what they did but you should not exaggerate the truth or you're as guilty as they are.

Anonymous said...

- signed KCTV


I'd like to point out - Newsblues blurred the truth here, not me.

Each time I've mentioned the incident - I've explained that it was several lines, not the entire spot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you'd have to be from KCTV to think this whole thing stinks a little. Right. Wrong. I've had entire spots stolen from me. I find it flattering most of the time. What we do is so fleeting. I just think it is ridiculous to make this such a big deal. Hell look up "Snow Day" promo on Youtube and you'll find people copying the promo shot for shot. Here you are publicly saying a station stole a spot, even getting some press for your blog. I find it offensive because you are propagating the idea that they stole the entire spot instead of 4 lines of copy. Really? I read your blog and saw the two side by side and besides the few lines they were very different. I wish they would put it up again so people could make their own decision but you know they won't because you effectively bullied them in to a no win situation. You are a very mean spirited person. I think I'm done here not that a person like you would care but still.

Anonymous said...

says the spot's producer (who evidently has the feelings of a 5-year old)

Paul said...

I <3 Don Smith.

If that is your real name.

Evil Monkey said...

I'm glad you posted what you did and that it invited real discussion. I don't think you misrepresented it in any way.

As for NewsBlues, (and I speak as a loyal subscriber) every single time I've known the actual facts in a story he reports on, he's gotten at least part of it dead wrong. Makes me wonder about the veracity of his stories when I'm not privy to the facts.

Keep up the good work Mr. "Smith".

Anonymous said...

I love how anyone who doesn't agree with Don is the producer of the spot. LOL


Forgive us, "anonymous" for any misunderstandings as to who you are.

I put my name out there and I made a statement of opinion. I believe what the producer did was wrong. Many agree with me.

Anyone who thinks its ok to take 4 lines of copy from an award-winning spot and claim it as their own -- well, we'll just have to agree to disagree.