Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Indiana Made

Nice, clean copy with beautiful images of the people of Indiana:

Indiana Made from Jeff Pinilla on Vimeo.


Paul said...

I enjoyed this spot much like the previously posted "World of Chicago" promo. It has a solid concept, great imagery and execution. It doesn't feel or look like a typical image promo. BUT I wonder how others feel about leaving the news branding until the very end.

Would it kill the promo to use shots of reporter crews, live trucks, a familiar news face, etc. in moderation throughout the spot?

I think it stands tall without it, but I'm not sure how many CSDs, GMs, or NDs would agree.

Would you be allowed to produce this spot in your shop? Would you want to?

Tim said...

I really liked this spot. I think it works great with the news branding at the end. I believe the viewer will connect more with a spot the focuses on community and the people more than just anchors, reporters, live trucks, etc. I can see a campaign with this, first rolls out with the spot above, and then another version that adds in the news crew.

Very well done spot.

Anonymous said...

AH-MAZING. What was this shot/colored on?

Anonymous said...

Great work, ironically "Indiana Made" in NYC (Tribune Creative Hub), but I don't see this getting by any CSD without "wait where's our people, what do we do?", with that being said Jeff always makes great stuff with an authentically gritty feel. Maybe use the smart comparative language to parallel the people with the news product, instead of other people.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, yes. Effective news promo, not sure. Bigger question: who actually gets :60 promo avails except maybe overnight? Are viewers ever even going to see this spot? I'd be even less sure of the effectiveness of this promo as a :30, :20, or :15 cutdown.
But back to the first point - Wow it looks great!

-mb said...

I was involved in the development of this campaign, so I feel compelled to weigh in a bit. First, thanks to Jeff for great direction/execution. He's an absolte pro. As earlier comments would suggest, this is not a standalone, but one of several spots, each much more deliberate in showcasing the newsteams and doing the traditional news promo job. This spot is to simply set the first get the consumer to relate to the people in the first half of the spot, then we bring home the fact that our news reflects their sensibilities and sensitivities. Then we juxtapose our team on top of that. Textbook "emotional" marketing. Indy is a very traditional news town with very cliched promos across the dial. We needed to stir it up, and our fantastic GM gave us the freedom to do so. Thx to all for the comments.

Anonymous said...

"Would it kill the promo to use shots of reporter crews, live trucks, a familiar news face, etc. in moderation throughout the spot?"

Yes it would.

Killer spot by the way.