Monday, January 7, 2013

WAVE3 Image

More from WAVE3 -- we had some of their spots on IDOPROMOZ a few weeks ago.

These are way too gritty for my taste.  Is this what the Louisville market responds to?

Breaking News As It Happens from WAVE 3 News on Vimeo.

Working For You - White from WAVE 3 News on Vimeo.


Dave said...

I really like the first spot's style, but I think it would be better served for investigations than breaking news.

Only other comment I would have is that the imagery seems to skew more male-friendly. Not sure if that's their intention.

Anonymous said...

I like the grit and the attitude, but the style doesn't seem to jive with the logo or the tagline. I'm getting a rough, in the thick of things feel, but then you have the smooth shiny cliche-styled logo and working for you tagline. There just seems to be a disconnect.

Anonymous said...

graphics on the first spot are all from a stock template package. The fence and the telephone pole scenes and all the ones that look like them