Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Apple Facetime

Not a promo - but a great example of storytelling.

In the very brief clips - you get what's happening in the scene and connect -- because its familiar. 


Tim said...

I love Apple's new ads. So simple but so effective. They focus on the experience rather than tech specs or gimmicks. It's all about connecting with the customer/viewer.

Anonymous said...

It almost reminds me of some of the google chrome ads that have run...very focused on the customer and everyday events.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding, but I hate the V.O. at the end. It would have been a cleaner spot with just the logo. the bragging was unneeded. How many times do we lose confidence in the visual storytelling and just ram the message down the viewers throat with a corny V.O.

Still an amazing spot.

Anonymous said...

Ha...I agree with the comment about the un-needed VO at the end...Apple must have a GM or ND that also insists on putting that one last 'dig' at the end of the POP or image spot...lol. However, I like these ads too.