Wednesday, November 27, 2013

7News: We're On It!


Anonymous said...

Couple observations:

By not having much VO and the NATS kept low the entire time, the music stole the spot's focus altogether. Unfortunately, the music feels more party than news.

The VO is definitely over-the-top but I know that's the style of the 7 News brands in Boston and Miami.

I like camera action (Like snap zooms), but this feels waaaay forced and almost dated.

Anonymous said...

That is the shit they do there. And guess what...they are number one. Huge fan base.
Know your own market!
It can be veeery different in some markets.

Anonymous said...

its total garbage but they're #1. taps into the trashy news market there and the hyper shallow party vibe. attempting any kind of smart or sophisticated branding there will result in low ratings.