Friday, January 24, 2014

WFTV Sweeps Super Tease

This spot gives the impression that WFTV in Orlando is all over several interesting stories.

They're certainly not giving up against the Olympics.

What do you think of spots that "give away" the stories you're planning to do for sweeps?  Does it give the competition a chance to play catch up?  Would you risk it?


Anonymous said...

Nice. I think it's a great concept.

Who cares about what the competition is doing? Worry about yourself and be smart in your own marketing...and it'll go a long way.

Paul Greeley said...

I like this spot and approach for several reasons. First, being that it’s a minute long, it has a lot of impact. Two, it positions WFTV as being the station that does investigative stories. And third, it drives tune-in. I wouldn’t worry about any of the competing stations stealing these story ideas. I’d be more worried that they might steal this promotion idea.
Paul Greeley

Chris Kittinger said...

One of the reporters in this spot doing the story about the white supremacists is a friend from my time in Albuquerque, Jeff Deal. Great guy, great reporter. I really liked this spot on pretty much all levels. And I agree with the others who say not to worry about the competition, worry about yourself. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

We'd love to do that, but our newsroom doesn't get stuff to us that far in advance. Kudos not only to the WFTV marketing team, but the newsroom as well!