Friday, November 21, 2014

Closer Is Better

From WSYR in East Syracuse, NY -- these spots are not your typical Doppler spots:


Paul Greeley said...

I get the metaphor. If one station in your market has its own live Doppler, and the competition does not, that could be a real competitive advantage. You sold me on the idea that closer is better, but maybe after that, you needed to tie it right to your Doppler.
"Live Doppler on WSYR sees weather conditions now. All other Doppler sees them later.
Isn’t now what you want?"
Paul Greeley

Jon said...

I would agree with Paul on a little explanation. Really, I don't care where the Doppler is as long as I get the information. But the creative spots are great. Just that little adjustment Paul suggests would work. Also, i would have moved the girls closer to the nets too. Especially with the basketball one. She still looked far away. Need to exaggerate more.