Monday, April 27, 2015

WTVO Weathercaster Leaving Mornings

WTVO in Illinois ran an interesting campaign to create buzz surrounding their chief meteorologist's move to the evenings.

Here's what they told me:  "Our chief meteorologist was working in the mornings, and will be moving to the evening shift starting this week.  The first video ran the week before her last morning show, and was designed to create buzz and get people talking about her by being vague.  The second video ran Friday-Sunday, and the third spot started running Sunday evening to coincide with her first night shift."


Anonymous said...

I think they're generally good, clever spots. I think the "Uhaul" spot would have been funnier and more clear if you keep it on a long shot with her enteing the uhaul, just driving a couple of feet from one doorway to the next, stopping and she gets out. The way it's edited, it looks like she's driving across town. Everyone has an opinion and those are just my two cents. Good job, though.

Chris Kittinger said...

I rather enjoyed these. The first spot was a good set up, the second delivered, and the third was just fun.

And you can't go wrong with Al Vanik doing your VO...