Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WFAA Travel Texas

A lot of work for what looks to be a topical!

Looks great and is well done...

FACEBOOK 10 TEASE 09.25.15 from WFAA Creative on Vimeo.


Paul Greley said...

The copy opens asking 'if you want to get to Houston or Austin'.
Doesn't that limit the appeal of the story?
How many people who might see this promo are wanting to go to Houston or Austin at that moment?

It might have had broader appeal had it just said there's a new/better/faster/creative way to get to Houston or Austin.

Great animation though.

Paul Greeley

Anonymous said...

Who could hear it? The music was sooo loud.

promokat said...

I felt like it took WAY too long to get to the point. I started losing interest about halfway through it.

However, the graphics were really well done!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old Too Many Cooks show open parody. 99% build up...1% payoff. Lol


Nice graphics though. I'm sure the artist had fun.