Thursday, December 11, 2008

WKYT Weather Promo

This one will scare you a bit off the top... then it gets to its point.

You may remember a spot from this station recently - that lifted from WCCO. This is another mesh of WCCO and another station I can't remember. Check it out:


mplsmade said...

imitation is the best kind of flattery. ;-)
but they are missing my best line: "Panther Radar HD3D digital storm's taller!!!"

spot is well done, though!

WKYC Promo said...

Yes well done. I believe the Fox afffiliate in Memphis did a similar spot with their main anchor over a chroma key. Either way, it's a good was to distance yourself from competitors wo go overboard in their weather coverage and promotion.

wkytpromo said...

Thanks for the kind words! Our news director is a huge WCCO fan (see "WKYT Welcomes Some Dude") and wanted us to do Panther Radar shot for shot...literally. We did this instead (with a *little* inspiration from KCNC's "Smoky Alley" investigative promo from a few years ago).
It's always fun to put your meteorologists on a turntable and blind them with strobe lights!

Mike Lange said...

That panther HD3D radar line still makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

I like the spot, and the turntable work.

mplsmade said...

yeah, the panther stuff was fun.
the best part was making our talent growl like panthers and step towards the camera.
let's just say that was a VERY fun shoot to be directing. haha.